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Living on the Edge

Are you a community organisation that supports people and communities facing disadvantage?

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The edge
Living on the Edge. Close up image of people with arms folded and joining hands, like a human chain.

We’re doing some research around people on the edge of services. These are people you support who are not eligible for formal care and support from statutory services, but still need support. It’s the people who will fall through the gaps in your community, and society, if you’re not there for them.

Who we want to learn about

  • We often work with disabled, autistic and older people. We're particularly keen to hear from organisations whose work includes these groups, even if they aren't your main focus.
  • We're also keen to hear from people who choose not to engage with services or feel they can't.
  • The people you support could be going through a transition period or have multiple challenges.

What we hope to learn

We want to learn about the support available and how it breaks down across communities to benefit individuals and families. We're interested in the impact of intersectionality on people's experiences.

We want to:

  • Gather personal stories and experiences that showcase your good practice in this area.
  • Try and breakdown the multiple layers of disadvantage and hear from diverse communities.

How we will use this information

In the future we hope to use this project as a basis for further grant-funded work where we’ll be looking for partners. This is an opportunity to showcase and share your good practice with a view to developing further work in this area.

Get involved

If you’re a community organisation or lead a community network anywhere in the UK, we’d love to connect with you.

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