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Families and Personalisation Programme

The Better Lives Project from Dimensions UK on Vimeo.

The Families and Personalisation Project is about helping family carers to understand what personalisation is really about, and building their support for using it as a way of achieving positive change in the lives of their family members.

Many families are concerned and worried about the personalisation agenda and, in particular, the introduction of personal budgets. As this policy is often coming at a time of financial problems – some see it as a cover to service cuts. Others, already feeling overburdened with responsibility, fear it is about Councils loading more responsibility onto them.

NDTi, with financial support from Dimensions, worked with three local authorities to help families get to grips with personalisation. The outcome was startling. Families changed from being opponents of personalisation to seeing it as a real opportunity to improve the lives of their loved ones. For the Councils – and for providers – it was a really cost-effective way of achieving family engagement.

You can download summaries the key learning from the project on the right. If authorities would like to discuss NDTi working with them and the families they support, please contact Bill Love.

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