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Advisory support to teams working with autistic individuals

Our Autistic Experts by Experience bring valuable and unique insight when working with individuals during C(E)TRs. The team have been commissioned to provide support to individuals in crisis on an ongoing basis.

For example:

  • Providing recommendations about immediate changes that could be made to improve the sensory environment (changing lightbulbs, adding lightshades, non-squeaky staff shoes, non-jangling keys, quieter door closing mechanisms etc)
  • Increase awareness about the potential impact of the sensory environment, and suggest ways that individuals and supporters can manage this (eg if it’s not possible to change lighting the impact can be reduced with caps, hoodies or sunglasses; background noise can be reduced with noise-cancelling headphones).
  • Supporting teams to plan transitions taking into account sensory needs and the timing and detail of information shared
  • Development support to staff teams working with individuals

In the recording below Jez (Bethany’s Dad) and NDTi Associate Ann Memmott share their experience on the importance and value of involving autistic people. Hear about the support the NDTi team gave to Bethany and the difference this made.

The recording dates from 1st October 2020 as part of NDTi's Still Radical Festival.

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