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Take Part in an Important Survey - ‘STOMP’ and ‘STAMP’

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Important survey launched to understand the essential role of the health and care workforce in reducing the reliance on psychotropic medication

STOMP (Stopping Over Medication of People with a learning disability, autism or both) and STAMP (Supporting Treatment and Appropriate Medication in Paediatrics) are national projects, launched by NHS England and involving many different organisations, aiming to stop the overuse of psychotropic medicines.

This project is a collaboration between the National Development Team for Inclusion, VODG, Learning Disability England (LDE) and Skills for Care and is funded by Health Education England. We seek to explore the role of health and social care staff in achieving the aims of STOMP and STAMP and to identify workforce opportunities to reduce the reliance on psychotropic medication for people with a learning disability and autistic people.

We have launched a questionnaire to hear directly from health and social care staff about how you have learned about and used STOMP and STAMP when working alongside people with learning disabilities and autistic people. We also want to hear about any barriers or challenges you have experienced in using STOMP and STAMP and opportunities to alleviate those barriers.

Whilst medication has a place in supporting people with a learning disability and autistic people, over-medication is a systemic problem that needs to be addressed. Understanding the views of health and care professionals with deep experience in supporting people is essential to identifying opportunities and building solutions to prevent the over-use and inappropriate use of psychotropic medications.

The questionnaire is open now until Friday 16 December 2022.

Later in the project we will also be hosting group conversations to hear from people directly and explore the barriers and solutions in more depth.

If you have questions about the survey, please email

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