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Other highlights from #AAW22

We're wrapping up Advocacy Awareness Week for another year. It has been a week of showcasing how human rights and advocacy work together, raising awareness, inspiring practice and providing important information.

Our Advocacy Awareness Week page pulls together a range of resources and the stories we've published, but we wanted to share some of the other content from advocacy providers across the UK. We're proud to have the support of so many organisations and we'd love to include everything here, but it would be a really long list. Here are just a few of the highlights.

The British Institute of Human Rights supported the week and shared our daily themes:

Becoming a statutory advocate, a blog from Hilary Paxton of Cloverleaf Advocacy for the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE).

People First were active across social media, especially telling everyone about the new advocacy taxi.

Glenn from The Advocacy People took part in a radio show on Stony Radio in Milton Keynes. Listen to the show here, Glenn appears 45 minutes in.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) published new guidance on advocacy services for adults with health and social care needs.

The Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance and Scottish Human Rights Commission produced this guide to help advocates support people to secure their human rights.

Citizens Advice Sheffield shared a series of short films about what an advocate does. This is Alison.

Dorset Advocacy shared a number of stories:

Your Voice Counts shared a number of stories, including:

Cloverleaf Advocacy shared a range of case studies, here are a few:

Advocacy Focus shared a blog about the importance of advocacy.

VoiceAbility shared a range of case studies covering each day.

The Advonet Group also shared a number of stories - read them here.

POhWER shared a range of case studies, here are just a few.

The Volunteer Centre Sutton were busy across Twitter.

Vital Projects were busy sharing lots of information, including a thought-provoking film.

Age Cymru shared lots of information in English and Welsh, here's a taster.

Lippy People shared a selection of advocacy stories from their film catalogue on Twitter.

Leeds Autism AIM were one of our top #AAW22 retweeters!

When asked what advocacy means to her, Jessica, a young person we work with here at NDTi, shared this quote:

What advocacy means to me - Jessica
Advocacy enables individuals' voices to be heard and allows communities to work together to understand and promote social change to help others to prosper and feel confident when discussing topics that matter to them.

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