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My wish for the NHS

What's your wish for the NHS? We asked the NHS Older People's Sounding Board what they thought and this is what they said.

We’ve been facilitating the NHS Older People’s Sounding Board on behalf of NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSEI) for the past year.

It’s a group of 25 people over the age of 50 with diverse life experiences who provide valuable ‘critical friend’ input into NHSEI’s work. They meet regularly to feedback on policy development and debate on a wide range of health and care service issues.

We also host regular Themed Conversations where people aged 50+ are invited to share their thoughts on some of the bigger questions of community and civic life.

There are still one or two places left on the sounding board and we’re particularly keen to receive applications from males from a BAME background. If you’re interested in health services and their delivery or have relevant lived experience and perspectives rooted in wider consideration of health and care get in touch. NHS Sounding Board and Themed Conversations - NDTi

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