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“A Hole in My Bucket?”

A hole in my bucket October

Small Supports – Autumn 2023 Lunchtime Sessions - Online

12-1pm, Thursday 19 October

“A Hole in My Bucket?” – how spending decisions impact on the wealth and wellbeing of our communities.

Mike Richardson, NDTi, shares learning from work to investigate the local economic impact of commissioners investing in small bespoke support organisations in their locale.

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One person’s expenditure is another person’s income, and when we spend our money locally, we enrich the communities where we live. Using the Local Multiplier Effect, we imagine the local economy as a bucket of water, and we see that when we spend money outside local area, it is leaking out of our bucket. Small Supports can be a perfect example of local expenditure that enriches the local community – that plugs the leaks and holds the money locally for longer - and in doing so, adds significant value to every penny spent.

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