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Policy Development

We often work with national government but also we help regional and local organisations develop and understand policy initiatives.

Policy Development

One of our main aims at NDTi is to influence national policy and debate so that:

  • Government policy helps to promote inclusive lives for people.
  • The issues that really affect people’s live are openly discussed and debated.
  • The views of disabled and older people are central to that debate.
  • Policy and strategic decision making is based on evidence and people’s real experiences.

Our policy development work takes four main forms:

  • Direct work with Government to support and shape policy development.
  • Policy development projects that explore key issues, often using elements of action research, in order to understand key challenges and so inform local and national thinking.
  • Work with local and regional organisations to support them shape their own policy and strategy in the light of national policy and the evidence base.
  • A dissemination programme of events, articles and publications to promote knowledge and awareness of policy and the issues that underpin it.

Some of the key current and recent areas of NDTi policy development work include:

  • Personalisation. Contracts from the Department of Health to develop good practice guidance on mental health and personalisation and from the Office of Disability Issues to produce good practice materials on personalisation for the older people’s field.
  • Brokerage. Contracts from both the Department of Health to develop thinking on independent support brokerage and then from Skills fro Care to produce proposals for the formal accreditation of training for support brokers.
  • Independent Living.Working with the Office of Disability issues to understand how the independent living agenda for older people can be delivered, in particular for older people with very high support needs (including those who live in care homes).
  • Partnerships and Older People. Work with a number of the POPP development sites to identify strategies that help promote independence, community inclusion and good health for older people.
  • Housing and Community Inclusion. A three year DH funded project linked to the PSA 16 Housing indicator that aims to understand what strategies linked to moves away from residential care really help to promote people’s community inclusion.

Useful Info

Our policy development work is usually funded through grants or contracts from public bodies. Contact our HQ if you have policy development ideas that you would like to work with us on – either as a funder or a possible partner in a grant application.