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Development Consultancy

Positive change that results in better lives for people does not just happen. It can be complex and it will usually take considerable time if the desired outcomes are to be achieved.

Development Consultancy

NDTi has particular expertise at supporting organisations through change and in particular helping traditional public health and social care services become more community focused. We use a range of approaches and techniques in our development consultancy – tailoring the way we work to the issues at hand. The following will always underpin our work:

  • Seeing development support as a partnership between ourselves and the organisations involved.
  • Placing the voices and experiences of people who use services at the centre of how we work and the potential ways forward we will propose.
  • Using our policy connections and knowledge to ensure that the change agenda reflects policy expectations.
  • Using our knowledge of evidence and best practice to ensure that the change agenda is grounded in what works.
  • Being honest in our analysis of current service performance, but do it in a way that helps you to move forward.
  • Developing and supporting you through a change management agenda that is achievable and has identifiable milestones against which progress can be judged.

Some examples of our current and recent development consultancy work are:

  • Northamptonshire Council – a long term partnership to modernise learning disability services.
  • Isle of Wight Council ­– the development of person centred approaches, initially with a focus upon older people’s services.
  • Lancashire County Council - a range of supports around promoting social inclusion for people with mental health problems.
  • Gloucestershire Council and PCT – a whole system development programme to respond to key elements in the Valuing People Now agenda.
  • North Lincolnshire Council – a review of the Partnership Board’s strategic priorities for learning disability services.
  • Clackmannanshire Council – development support to increase community inclusion and person centred approaches in learning disability services.
  • Coventry Council, PCT and NHS Trust – a review of community team structures and performance.
  • Barnsley Council – A strategic review of employment and day services for people with mental health problems.

The full list of our work is very long and varied. If you think our development consultancy support could help you achieve positive change, please contact us.

Useful Info

If you think our development consultancy support could help you achieve positive change, please contact us.