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Top tips for good mental health

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week 2023 we asked young people with lived experience for their top tip to maintain good mental health.

Sound on! Here's what Emerald had to say.


I keep my mental health in check by:

Going to church and keeping connected with God. It gives me a good overwhelming sense of peace and comfort, it reassures me that I'm NEVER alone.

Having my children as a distraction. Having to get out of bed and stay busy and active when I can.

Taking my medication everyday, even thought sometimes I think I don't need it, but that's because I am on the meds that I'm doing good.

Checking in with my support network and if they think that I am not doing good then putting things into place to help lift my mood.

Seeing my friends family regularly helps to to keep me busy and engaged.

Doing my voluntary work to help me have a bit of self worth. When I help others it keeps my brain active and off of myself and that helps to keep my mental health more stable.

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