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Supporting Autistic Flourishing at Home and Beyond - Richard's photos

Richard is a keen photographer. He is an author (I dream in Autism), an autistic trainer and mentor and the director of Autism Live.

"I went through my photographs on to find images of sensory peace, what works for sensory comfort. On looking at them something struck me; they are mostly of old buildings lit with natural light, containing no artificial primary colours and with soft acoustics. The other photographs are of countryside, outside places, naturally lit with natural sounds. None of these photographs include modern artificial colour or design, no artificial lighting and would have no modern sounds with the exception of aircraft flying overhead. All these places are places I choose to be and will travel a long way to get to. In all these places I am in sensory peace, becoming relaxed and want to stay."

Gate at sunset
Flowers an window
Windows and Jug

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