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Who will benefit from using the Inclusion Web?

Many people who need support to live their lives:

  • are isolated or lonely;
  • have few positive roles in the wider society where they make a valued contribution; and
  • face a change in their life that could rob them of these precious roles and relationships.

There are particular times in life where people are at risk of losing their friends and their position in the community. Leaving school, moving house, losing your partner or your job, or entering hospital or residential care can all heighten the risk of exclusion. The Inclusion Web can help you hold on to what matters in these challenging stages in life.

Over recent years, it has become increasingly clear that health and care organisations cannot do everything for the person, and this would not be good, even if it could be done. People need a life as well as a service!

In order for this to happen, health and social care organisations need to join hands with others in the community. Staff need to work with families, with community groups, with colleges and universities, employers, sports and arts groups. If this is done well, then

  • The focus will be on what a fulfilling life in the community looks like for each person.
  • Work will be done with community groups and organisations to help them offer a really good welcome to people who need support, and a great range of opportunities to participate and contribute.

The goal is not so much to recruit the community to help drive forward the health and care agenda, but rather to build a vibrant and diverse community where everyone has a place.

Who has used the Inclusion Web?

01 who will benefit

The Inclusion Web has been used with schoolchildren with dyslexia, people with mental health needs, people with learning disabilities and with older people. It has also been used with people in prison who are thinking about their life after discharge and with students who are away from home for the first time.

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