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Understanding the SIQAF - LAs Specifics

What you need to know about the Supported Internship Quality Assurance Framework (SIQAF) from a Local Authority perspective.

understanding the SIQAF LAs
Alt-text: Understanding the SIQAF (For Local Authorities)

The Supported Internships Quality Assurance Framework (SIQAF) is a valuable tool designed to help Local Authorities ensure the quality and success of Supported Internship (SI) programmes within their area. This framework offers a comprehensive self-assessment process, empowering you to evaluate, enhance, and continuously improve your SI provision.

Key Components of SIQAF

SIQAF Self-Assessment:

The SIQAF Self-assessment tool is a crucial component that enables local areas to gauge the quality and effectiveness of their SI programmes. Local Authorities can initiate this process by requesting their local SI providers to complete the self-assessment. This tool is designed to complement the Supported Internship Guidance. It identifies strengths and areas for improvement, serving as an annual continuous improvement mechanism.

The SIQAF Self-Assessment promotes reflection and self-assessment, contributing to your quality assurance efforts and supporting your provider's improvement journey. It serves as a supportive framework, driving change and enhancing provision quality. Following the review, it's expected to lead to the development of an action plan.

The framework comprises six sections covering:

  • Leadership
  • Planning
  • Partnership
  • Preparedness
  • Progress
  • Results

Criteria can be scored between 0-3 (and some between 0-5 in the results section). The maximum total score is 117.

SIQAF Self-Assessment Tool - 2024.V4 Edition.

SIQAF and Peer Reviewing:

Organisations that undertake the SIQAF can participate in a peer review process as part of the Internships Work programme. This involves signing up for a peer review to validate the SIQAF self-assessment.

The peer review is a complimentary service and consists of two trained peer reviewers visiting your Supported Internship programmes. They will review your self-assessment score and provide support for continuous improvement, offering recommended actions and sharing good practice examples.

This process typically spans one and a half days. If you're interested in booking a peer review or would like more information, please contact Amy Martin, the Project Lead.

Interested in Becoming a Peer Reviewer?

We are actively seeking peer reviewers to support the delivery of over 200 peer reviewed SIQAF self-assessments as part of the Internships Work project.

If you work within supported internships, whether in a school/college, local authority, supported employment service, or as an employer, you are an ideal candidate.

Peer reviewers offer a practitioner's perspective and provide constructive challenges as a 'critical friend' to participating organisations. You'll work closely with an experienced peer reviewer to assist supported internship providers and their partner organisations in their improvement journey.

Training for Peer Reviewers will be provided, and your expenses will be covered by Internships Work. To learn more, contact Amy Martin, Project Lead.

A Tangible Proof of Quality and Success for Local Authorities:

Engaging with the Supported Internships Quality Assurance Framework (SIQAF) isn't just about assessing the quality of your Supported Internship programmes—it's a strategic move with long-term benefits.

  • Assurance of Quality: The SIQAF serves as a robust tool to assure the quality of your Supported Internship programmes. It provides a structured approach to evaluating, enhancing, and continuously improving your offerings. This assurance of quality is vital when seeking funding or demonstrating the effectiveness of your initiatives.
  • Path to Funding: Local Authorities often require funding to sustain and expand Supported Internship programmes. Engaging with the SIQAF positions you for success in funding applications. It offers concrete evidence of your commitment to delivering high-quality programmes that make a real difference in the lives of young people with SEND.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: The SIQAF's comprehensive self-assessment process equips you with valuable data and insights. Use this data to make informed decisions, allocate resources effectively, and tailor your Supported Internship programmes to meet the specific needs of your community.

By taking part in the SIQAF, you not only ensure the success of your Supported Internship programmes but also pave the way for securing the necessary funding to continue making a positive impact.

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