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The Health Equality Framework and Commissioning Guide

The Health Equality Framework (HEF) is an outcomes tool based on the determinants of health inequalities designed to help commissioners, providers, people with learning disabilities and their families understand the impact and effectiveness of services.

The HEF is endorsed by the National Valuing Families Forum and professional senate. It is referenced in NHS England and Department of Health reports. It is also referenced in the Joint Self-Assessment Framework, can be implemented across health and social care, and can support local authorities with their duty to promote wellbeing under the Care Act 2014.

The Health Equality Framework and Commissioning Guide is freely available to download as a whole document or in separate sections on the right hand side of this page.

The HEF has been developed into an electronic template (eHEF) with step by step guidance which organisations can use to collect health equality impact information. If you are downloading the eHEF please email to let us know so we can keep you informed of updates.

To support the implementation of HEF, local areas can access a workshop for staff introducing them to the concepts behind the HEF, practical tips for using it, tools and e-HEF. The workshop is designed for practitioners and professionals who will be using the HEF, managers and commissioners. Having representatives from departments such as IT, audit, public health and quality assurance is helpful. Follow up support will also be available. For further information, please contact Sue Turner.

For a suggested list of topics for academic dissertatons in relation to the HEF, please see 'Developing a programme of research' on the right.

Anyone with an NHS e-mail address can access the HEF e-learning module:

The registration form for the website can be accessed here:

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