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Supporting Autistic People Flourishing at Home and Beyond : Full List of Contributors


Alexis Quinn

Autistic campaigner and activist, public speaker, author of Unbroken. Her images inspired by the paper will be shared during July 2021.

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Angela Heeley

An autistic person with high sensitivity to sound, light, touch, and odour, a parent of an autistic individual, and a Chartered Architect with insight into construction matters and domestic design.

Anna Levermore

Anna is an autistic Expert by Experience working on Care Education and Treatment Reviews. She is a member of Bemix, a self-advocacy group in Kent.

Carly Jones MBE

Carly is an autistic woman and campaigner for the rights of autistic women and girls.

Conor Eldred-Earl

Conor is an autism advocate, public speaker and advisor. He is passionate about supporting meaningful autistic involvement in decisions affecting autistic people.

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Cos Michael

Cos is an autistic speaker, trainer and consultant on autism and ageing. She led the NAS Autism and Ageing workstream and now delivers training and presents at conferences in the UK and abroad.

Dr Damian Milton

Damian is a Lecturer in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities at the Tizard Centre, University of Kent, and a Project Leader of the National Autistic Taskforce.

Dr Ruth Moyse

Ruth has worked as a primary school teacher and is now a full-time doctoral researcher into the experiences of autistic girls at mainstream schools.

Emma Dalmayne

Autistic advocate and writer. Author of It’s An Autism Thing I'll Help You Understand It. CEO Autistic Inclusive Meets, founding member of Autism Inclusivity Facebook group.


James has audio and visual sensitivity. He is a sensory seeker and enjoys running, climbing, mountain biking and swimming in the North Sea.

Karl Stephenson

Karl is an autistic Expert by Experience working on Care Education and Treatment Reviews. He supports businesses and healthcare providers to understand the sensory needs of autistic people.

Kelly-Anne Harmer

Kelly lives in London with her husband and one year old child. She is autistic and works in food science and development.

Marion McLaughlin

Marion is an autism campaigner and team member at Triple A's - an entirely autism led peer support charity for autistic people.

Rachel Cotton

Rachel is a founding member of Autistic Pride Reading.

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Richard Maguire

Richard is a keen photographer. He is an author (I dream in Autism), an autistic trainer and mentor and the director of Autism Live. His photographs inspired by the paper will be shared during July 2021.

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Writers and Editors

Ann Memmott

Ann is an autism trainer, advisor and mentor. She is the office manager of a busy surveying company. Ann is passionate about improving lives and services for autistic people.

Chris Memmott

Chris is an autism trainer, advisor and mentor. Chris works as an Expert by Experience on Care and Treatment Reviews and advises on sensory environments.

Dr Gemma Williams

Gemma is an autistic Early Career Researcher and ESRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow based at the University of Brighton, with research interests in autistic communication, loneliness, social justice and social policy.

Jill Corbyn

Jill was the autism development lead at NDTi. She established the autism team at NDTi and supported delivery of sensory environment checks in hospitals, advisory work for autistic people and peer support for autistic people and their families. She is now an NDTi Associate.


Flow Observatorium

Flow Observatorium is a neurodivergent led hub that enables artists to connect, network and access opportunities. They aim to increase visibility, understanding and confidence of neurodivergent artists. Flow Observatorium was pleased to support connection and collaboration on this project, with Tom and Jon producing artwork that gives an additional autistic flavoured visual metaphoric contribution.

Jon Adams

Jon is both a contemporary Artist, advocate and researcher. He makes a variety of work in many differing media often referencing his autism, synaesthesia and dyslexia, all interwoven with history, science, time and his past experiences. He's shown in galleries such as Royal Academy, Tate Modern and been commissioned by many arts and science organisations including projects for Parliament, London 2012 and on stage. He advocates for the rights of Neurodivergent people to fully access the arts, funding, health care and relevant research.


"Unassuming, unusual and enigmatic, T.E. Yates is a multi-disciplinary artist of rare and disarming qualities that must be seen and heard to be believed." - Louis Barabbas

Yates produces detailed pencil drawings utilising a hybrid of graphite and charcoal. He is also a digital illustrator, multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and award-nominated animator.

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