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Supporting Autistic Flourishing at Home and Beyond - Alexis' artwork

Autistic campaigner and activist, public speaker, author of Unbroken.

Alexis' story is part of the report and has inspired her art work below.

Warning, some people may find this content disturbing.

Sensory Overload, black and white

"Patterns are a real problem for me. I get absorbed by them – they take all my focus and it’s really distressing. When I’m overloaded sound and visuals can become too intense. My ability to manage fluctuates depending on how overloaded I am. When I’m overloaded, I can’t manage visual clutter, things on mantelpieces and walls, open fires, pattered carpets or clocks ticking. These are all things that would seem fine on a good day but become too much."

Sensory Overload

"I have massive sensory sensitivity. Especially to light and sound. My sensitivity fluctuates depending on how overloaded I am. If I’m not overloaded, then I can tolerate a lot more."

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Jill Corbyn

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