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Support for Job Coaches by Internships Work

Job Coaches support guide in Internships Work.

Support for Job Coaches
Alt-text: Support for Job Coaches

The role that Job Coaches play in the success of supported internship programs is vital. That is why Internships Work is committed to supporting job coaches through various means to ensure the smooth and effective delivery of these programs.

Here's what job coaches can expect in terms of support from Internships Work:

1. Free Training:

We understand the importance of equipping job coaches with the right skills and knowledge to excel in their roles. That's why BASE, in collaboration with Inclusive Trading, offers free training opportunities for Supported Internship Job Coaches. This training covers essential aspects of Supported Employment Techniques and Training in Systematic Instruction, essential for job coaches working within the Internships Work project.

Training Flexibility: We understand that different job coaches have diverse training needs and preferences. Therefore, our training courses are designed to be flexible, offering options for both online and face-to-face training to suit your specific requirements.

Eligibility: To access this valuable free training, you must fall into one of the following categories:

  • A job coach working on a Supported Internship program.
  • A follow-along job coach working with graduate supported interns, supporting them in their journey into employment.
  • A direct manager of a job coach working on a supported internship.

To sign up to the training, contact Amy Martin, Project Lead:

2. Access to Resources:

As part of the free training offer, job coaches gain access to a range of valuable resources designed to facilitate the smooth operation of supported internship programs. These resources include:

  • Example vocational profiles.
  • Methods for efficient data capture.
  • Details outlining the business case for employers.
  • And many more resources tailored to enhance your program's effectiveness.

3. Supported Internship Quality Assurance Framework (SIQAF):

Job coaches can leverage the Supported Internship Quality Assurance Framework (SIQAF) to gain a comprehensive understanding of what constitutes a quality Supported Internship (SI) program. This framework serves as a valuable reference to help you comprehend the key components and best practices involved in delivering successful supported internships. For more detailed information about SIQAF, please refer to our dedicated page: What you need to know about the SIQAF.

4. Engagement with Employment Forums:

Job coaches are strongly encouraged to actively engage with their local SEND Employment forums. Developing professional relationships within these forums not only fosters collaboration but also contributes to the overall quality of provisions for young people with SEND.

By participating in these forums, job coaches play a crucial role in ensuring that the young people they support receive the best possible services across all their supporters.

Contact our partner’s (NDTi) Regional Leads if you need support engaging with your local employment forums.

Internships Work is dedicated to supporting job coaches in their mission to empower young people with SEND on their journey toward sustainable and fulfilling employment.

We are committed to providing the necessary tools, resources, and training to help job coaches excel in their roles and make a meaningful impact in the lives of these young individuals.

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