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National Supported Internship Day (NSID) Media Pack

Guidance and templates to help you get involved in the National Supported Internship Day Campaign #NSID24

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National Supported Internship Day (NSID) 2024 aims at highlighting the importance of supported internships for young adults with learning disabilities and autism spectrum conditions.

Scheduled for March 27th, NSID is a collaborative effort that seeks to amplify the voices of young people through a series of planned activities and events, raising awareness about the challenges faced in securing meaningful employment opportunities for this demographic.

This year, we focus on empowering young adults to be at the forefront of our message, sharing their stories and experiences to inspire change.

What You Will Find in the Media Pack

  1. Overview of NSID
    An introduction to the goals and significance of the National Supported Internship Day.
  2. Event Details
    Information on the parliamentary activities planned for NSID, including a reception, workshop, debate, and drop-in session aimed at fostering engagement and sharing success stories.
  3. Participation Opportunities
    Guidance on how individuals and organisations can contribute to NSID, including nominating young people for events, hosting your own NSID event, participating in competitions, and engaging with MPs through a template letter.
  4. Social Media Campaign
    Strategies for using social media to spread the word about NSID, including hashtags and digital assets provided to enhance online visibility and engagement.
  5. Employer Ambassador Challenge:
    Details on the #MyBitForChange challenge and the Employer Ambassador training, encouraging businesses to support inclusivity and diversity in the workplace.

This media pack is designed to equip you with the necessary information and resources to actively participate in and support NSID 2024, fostering a more inclusive society.

Download NSID 2024 Media Pack Here


We have added templates and ready-to-use content to support your communication activities for NSID 2024 which you can find below.

  • Social Media Content can be downloaded here
    This includes FAQs and ready-made social media content and templates to support your NSID communications activities.
  • FAQ Videos can be downloaded here
    You can share these videos on social media to share information on supported internships.

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