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DFN Project SEARCH Support to Employers Explained

Discover the valuable support DFN Project SEARCH offers to employers through Internships Work. Here's an insight into how our support can benefit your business:

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Closing the Skills Gap:

  • DFN Project SEARCH provides an extensive support package for employers, encompassing communications assistance, accredited training courses, INSET days, and more.
  • Our programme helps businesses address skill gaps in their workforce, fostering a talented and diverse employee base. This not only enhances hiring practices but also elevates business quality and boosts staff morale.
  • DFN Project SEARCH's approach is grounded in evidence and collaboratively developed with our business partners.

Comprehensive Support:

  • When you partner with us, you receive comprehensive support, including a dedicated onsite teacher and job coach. This ensures that your managers and mentors feel fully supported throughout the process.

Empowering Employment Outcomes:

  • On average, 70% of young people who participate in our programme successfully graduate into the workforce, with 60% securing full-time paid employment. This achievement is significant, especially considering the low employment rate (less than 5%) among people with learning disabilities known to local authorities.
  • We do not require host businesses to employ programme participants, but we encourage you to help nurture and develop their skills. However, as they grow and receive training according to your standards, they may become strong candidates for positions within your organisation. On average, 43% of job outcomes result in host business vacancies being filled.

Customised Selection Process:

  • We involve you in the selection of students who align with your recruitment criteria and are eager to acquire the skills your business can offer.

Performance and Retention Improvements:

  • Engaging with supported internships programmes can lead to enhanced performance and retention rates, particularly in roles with high turnover or recruitment challenges.

Global and Local Impact:

  • DFN Project SEARCH is part of an international social value movement, with over 700 programmes worldwide. Locally, we are a national force for change, with 114 programmes spanning the UK, Ireland, and Iberia.
  • Partnering with us introduces your business to a diverse talent stream, enabling you to develop a workforce that mirrors your community and demonstrates your commitment to fairness and inclusivity.

Enhancing Workplace Dynamics:

  • Our programmes consistently report improved communication, learning, and teamwork within departments that host or employ interns.

Visibility and Recognition:

  • Engaging with DFN Project SEARCH can boost your local, regional, national, and international visibility. Being associated with this unique programme brings recognition year after year, reinforcing the value of our partnership.

Above all, we invite employers to become part of a vibrant and diverse community, making a positive impact on the lives of young people with learning disabilities and autism spectrum conditions while strengthening your workforce.

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