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Guides to support employers to include individuals with learning disabilities in the workplace

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In 2020 and 2021, NDTi supported the NHS' Learning Disability Employment Round Table. This project was to explore how colleagues could work together to retain existing and secure new opportunities for the employment of people with learning disabilities.

This page includes a few resources, which NDTi developed for the NHS as part of this work, which will be useful for any employers or employees working towards a vision of a more inclusive workforce.

Employment 'How to' Guide

This guide aims to provide information for staff and HR colleagues so that they are aware of the range of pathways available for people to access employment. The topics covered in this guide are raised frequently by employers. The detailed resource includes information about:

  • Work experience
  • Vocational profiles
  • Working interviews
  • Job carving
  • Job coach role
  • Apprenticeships
  • Traineeships
  • Supported internships
  • Reasonable adjustments

Guide to Supporting Individuals with Learning Disabilities in the Workplace

For some employers, recruiting and employing people with a learning disability will be a new experience. This short guide outlines the key elements of supporting someone with a learning disability to be an active and valued member of the workforce. Ideally having an ‘in house’ job coach to provide support would be preferential. However, working with a good supported employment agency will help employers navigate the process and provide support and practical guidance along the way.

Good Practice Document on Working with Experts by Experience in Planning & Delivering Events

A short document to support the planning and delivery of events and making sure Experts by Experience are fully included and heard; there is a particular focus on those who will be presenting or speaking during an event.

Learning Disability Employment Programme

Launched in 2015, the NHS Learning Disability Employment Programme has been supporting the development of local and national solutions to remove barriers and increase employment opportunities for people with a learning disability in the NHS in England. One key element of the programme is the Learning Disability Employment Pledge which encourages NHS organisations to take three steps:

  1. Commitment - organisations are asked to pledge their commitment to employing more people with learning disabilities
  2. Ready - employers need to create an action plan to employ more people with learning disabilities
  3. Success! - employers need to confirm that they are employing more people with learning disabilities and share their success stories

If your organisation would like support with a project like this, please contact our Programme Lead

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