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Paper 3: Understanding the nature of change in delivering Community Led Support

This paper is number three in a suite of six briefings produced by the Community Led Support (CLS) Evidence & Learning Team, to share findings and lessons from the second major round up of data, stories, evaluation findings and programme lessons exploring the impacts of community led support across the UK.

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CLS depends on knowing what works and doesn’t work in each place, what other related developments are already in place (such as Local Area Coordination, social prescribers and wellbeing coordinators), who the local players are right across the system (including in the community) and how best to work respectfully alongside them.

We have found that this is what matters most for making change happen, anchoring the positive changes and sustaining what works. Some CLS sites have a long history of innovation across their local system, and it is in these places that the most significant and sustained systemic impact can be seen. An understanding of history and context and finding ways of working with these help CLS become much more than a social care initiative.

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