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Housing Choices Discussion Paper 2

Paper 2: A proposed typology of housing and support options

In our work with older people, people with learning disabilities and people with mental health problems, one factor that inhibits exploration of alternative housing and support options is a limited awareness of what the different options are. This is exacerbated by the confusing array of terminology used to describe some options, for example supported housing/supported accommodation/supported living/independent living/group homes where these terms can refer to similar or very different types of support.

As a step towards addressing this, in Paper 2 we have developed a draft typology which identifies, categorises and briefly describes the housing options available for people with care or support needs who do not live with family

We welcome comments and views on this proposed typology, from commissioners and providers of housing and support (in all its forms), people who use services and their families (and representative organisations), academics and policy makers. In particular, we are interested in knowing:

  • Is it useful to have a typology of housing and support options?
  • Do the descriptions provided accurately describe the various models?
  • Are there any options that you are aware of that we have missed? (Including those that don’t fit into any of these categories or sub-categories?)
  • Would it be useful to develop this further e.g. by linking to examples of all of the different options?

Please share your views by commenting on our forum

In response to feedback and comments on this proposed typology, the next paper in this series will explore the different characteristics of the housing and support options identified in terms of choice, control, rights and inclusion.

This Discussion Paper is paper 2 of 4 in a series of discussion papers ‘Housing Choices: Exploring and comparing the characteristics of housing and support arrangements for people with care and support needs’.

Click here to read and comment on Discussion Paper 1

Paper 3 was published in April 2017 and is available to read and discuss here

The next paper in the Housing Choices Discussion Series will be:

  • Paper 4: Policy Recommendations (May 2017) - we will be inviting comments and responses to each paper through an online forum with the intention of encouraging debate on this increasingly significant subject. The debate generated will be used to inform a final position paper with recommendations for policy and practice development. If sufficient interest is generated, NDTi will also host a roundtable event to take this forward.
Housing choices paper 2

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