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Better Local Support for Carers: A Framework For Good Practice

The purpose of this framework is to help local areas implement best practice in supporting carers.

The framework enables conversations between a range of people and organisations (Local Authorities, Health Commissioners and Providers, the Third Sector -including Carers organisations and carers), to discuss, plan and assess local progress in identifying and supporting carers including
implementing the Carer’s elements of the Care Act (2014).

It is based on the belief that it takes a whole population approach to meet Carer’s needs, recognising the diversity of carers experiences.

Not all Carers will need to travel the whole journey pathway. Often, help to identify as a carer, getting good information and advice at the right time in the right place, and having access to community based preventative support will be sufficient to help promote and sustain an individual carer’s wellbeing.
The Care Act 2014 also places a duty on local authorities to conduct transition assessments for children, children’s carers and young carers where there is a likely need for care and support after the child in question turns 18. The assessment should also support the young people and their families
to plan for the future, by providing them with information about what they can expect.

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