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Alliance Commissioning and Coproduction in Mental Health

This paper uses published material, learning from commissioners, providers and people with lived experience, and our own knowledge and experience, to discuss the benefits and challenges of alliance commissioning and coproduction in mental health.

What this paper covers

  • National and local drivers influencing the development of alliance contracting. A long history of service gaps, overlaps and inconsistencies and poor access, experience and outcomes for people who use services have been critical influences, along with national policies such as the Mental Health Five Year Forward View.
  • Definitions of alliance commissioning and contracting and how these approaches differ from traditional commissioning approaches.
  • The principles of coproduction, emphasising the differences between coproduction and consultation, and stressing the importance of mutual, blurred roles and responsibilities – critical to true alliance working.
  • Common challenges faced by people using alliance contracting, including the challenge of working in partnership, dealing with conflict and managing expectations.
  • Showcasing the work of two areas who have used alliance contracting and coproduction, with different effects and consequences.
  • A discussion of the learning from our own and others’ work, with a series of useful tips derived from experience. We emphasise the importance of building and nurturing positive relationships from the beginning – between commissioners and providers, between providers, and with people with lived experience.

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