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Valuing People - What Now? Conference and Workshops

A partnership between Inclusion North, Dimensions, H.S.A. and the NDTi recently held a very inspiring and challenging conference to consider how we take forward the achievements of the past ten years.

Key themes emerging from the conference were:

  • Don’t stop valuing people – keep faith with the values in Valuing People: Human rights, inclusion, choice and control, independence
  • Work with new policies – use current policies where we can for example Big Society, Personalisation, co-production and even cuts to get local, inclusive services
  • Show what works – use evidence to make your case. Talk about money, Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, performance and outcomes
  • Aim high – raise expectations of what people wqith learning disabilities can achieve and provide opportunities from a young age
  • Work together – work in partnership with people with learning disabilities, family carers, providers and all key agencies to change models of delivery
  • Keep changing – this is about an evolution not a revolution. Keep hold of the vision
  • Making change good – change is inevitable. How we respond is what matters most. The important thing is to keep learning and to respond positively
  • Shout out for rights – stay united, keep talking and make lots of noise to defend people’s rights

For more information about the Valuing People What Now Follow On Workshops, use the link on the right.

For a write up of the Valuing People What Now, please see Related Downloads.

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