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Following on from the NDTi report Widening choices for older people with high support needs (2013), NDTi are working with Community Catalysts to hold community conversations to look at what needs to change and how, to widen the range of support options available to older people.

In 2012, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) commissioned NDTi and Community Catalysts to look at what alternatives exist, focusing particularly on creative solutions based on positive mutual relationships and older people’s contributions. More details of the report can be found here.

Since then, continuing pressure on budgets has made it difficult to achieve real change for older people, even though some relatively small scale innovations are in place and delivering promising results.

So we’re returning to the issues raised in the report, updating and strengthening our evidence base, and re-energising the debate among local authorities, local people/older people’s organisations and networks.

This is a first step in a much larger programme to build knowledge and awareness of asset-based models of care and support for older people, and to create momentum for action

What are we doing?

We are working with local authorities, partners, older people and community networks in two areas - one urban and one rural. We held meetings in Herefordshire in December and are delighted that Bradford will be joining us in January.

In each area, NDTi and Community Catalysts will cofacilitate two community conversations - one for commissioners, and one for wider community networks/organisations. We want to look at commissioning in its widest sense - including older people who self-fund or use personal budgets, as well as those from health and social care with a strategic commissioning role. We also want to hear from organisations that help older people locally to make decisions about their future care and support.

The events will explore local experiences of solutions that rely on positive mutual relationships and older people’s contribution. They will also look at what needs to change and how, to widen the range of support options available to older people through a range of routes and funding sources.

At the same time we’re updating the evidence base from the 2012-13 work to make sure it’s current and benefits from the most exciting developments that have taken place in the last 5 years (e.g. the ongoing expansion of Shared Lives, Community Circles, Homeshare and Co-housing).

We will test out and develop the findings from the two sites and the evidence update in a national round table session. We will coproduce an output at this round table – to share the messages and agreed actions more widely.

The learning will then be used to design a longer term change programme to ensure older people’s vision for a much wider range of options becomes a reality.

For more information about the project please contact Carol Clifford via email or call 01225 255 268.

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