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IHaL - The Learning Disabilities Public Health Observatory - was a collaboration between NDTi, Public Health England and the Centre of Disability Research at Lancaster University to:

  • Improve the health of (and reduce health inequalities experienced by) people with learning disabilities in England.
  • Help people who commission services make better use of information.
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The Observatory worked in three ways to achieve these aims:

  1. Making information more easily accessible through written reports, the website and events.
  2. Getting better quality information.
  3. Supporting commissioners, providers and others to use the information

The NDTi has written best practice guides for commissioners and providers of services on the implications of the information gathered by Public Health England and the Centre for Disability Research.

We have written a series of reports looking at reasonable adjustments in a specific service area. The aim of these reports is to share information, ideas and good practice in relation to the provision of reasonable adjustments.

The service areas covered so far are:

We worked in partnership with the Voluntary Organisations Disability Group (VODG) to develop the Health Charter for Social Care Providers. This is designed to support social care providers to tackle some of the health inequalities that people with learning disabilities experience thus improving their health and well-being.

There is guidance to support the implementation of the charter as well as a self-assessment tool. Providers can sign up to the charter and get further information here.

We produced a series of short information sheets showing social care staff how they can help people with learning disabilities to get better access to health services. Each information sheet contains a link to the supporting slide sets. This series can be found here.

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For updates of national statistics about people with learning disabilities and the services and support available to them and their families, visit the People with Learning Disabilities in England page.

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