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Ensuring People’s Voices are heard During Covid-19

Coronovirus (Covid-19) is causing huge upheaval to everyone, especially to the lives of older and disabled people. NDTi is working on a range of issues, all of which are focused on ensuring that the implementation of new guidance and legislation upholds the rights of people who may be most disadvantaged.

We are working with Public Health England on specific guidance relating to people with a learning disability or SEND, including helping to ensure that any universal guidance is in an accessible format.

We are also collaborating with our Valuing People Alliance partners, LDE and BILD (Health and Wellbeing Alliance) and NHSE, DHSC and PHE on additional guidance and support, and ensuring that voices of people and families are heard and acted upon.

It is an especially worrying time for autistic people and/or those with learning disabilities who are receiving in-patient care or are at risk of admission. How will they keep well? What will happen if support staff are off ill? Are arrangements in place to control the spread of Covid-19? Are responses proportionate or do they run the risk of segregation and limitations on human rights? Are people being given access to the right information, in the right way, and supported to access alternative ways to stay in touch with friends and family?

Through our work with NHS England & Improvement in the South East and South West, we are supporting our Experts by Experience to continue to take part in the Care (Education) and Treatment Reviews - but remotely. Where these Reviews do not take place, we are offering telephone check-ins by Experts by Experience. Where a person gives consent, the Expert by Experience will have separate conversations with their commissioner, the in-patient unit, their family and the person themselves. It is vital that the voice of lived experience continues to be heard. Now more so than ever.

We are working with colleagues across the Advocacy sector to make sure our QPM & NDTi news pages contain factually accurate and supportive information to support advocacy organisations adjusting to the Coronavirus Act 2020 and any other sector changes during the lockdown

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