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Spring festival shines a light on 10 years of local strengths based initiatives

The Community Led Support spring festival is here for another year!

It’s free, it’s online, on 15-16 May and it’s open to anyone with an interest in strengths based, community led approaches to social care and health.

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The event will offer a wide range of short sessions where you can learn about some amazing initiatives in local areas.

Each session will shine a light on the challenges, successes and learning, demonstrating what’s possible despite the huge pressures across the sector.

Attendees will discover a host of ideas and evidence that spotlight the principles of a community focused, strengths-based way of working. You can attend as many sessions as you choose over the two days.

Take a look at the programme.

The annual festival comes at the same time the Community Led Support Network celebrates its 10th anniversary.

It’s a huge milestone which has seen the programme applied in over 30 local authority areas. The programme has supported, and continues to support, areas to understand their opportunities to better embed strengths-based based principles. It works in collaboration with partners and through co-production with communities and people with lived experience of health and social work.

This spring festival is just the beginning of our celebrations. We’ll be sharing more over the next few months and finishing with a special ‘in-person’ gathering in November.

Without the members’ hard work, commitment, passion and sharing the programme would not be the success it is today or be able to demonstrate the impact it is having. We take pride in this milestone achievement, especially with the ever changing landscape of demand and system driven practice in public sector.

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CLS logo in gold with the lettering 2014-2024 beneath

What is Community Led Support?

Community Led Support (CLS) is a strengths-based approach to social care. It is based on core principles that social care provisions are based on what matter to people and the community, and builds on existing relationships, skills, networks, and social assets. We developed CLS as a system led approach to embedding strengths-based working in areas covering England, Scotland and Wales.

Read more about Community Led Support.

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