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New ‘Carers Journey Quality Framework’, set to improve outcomes and rights for carers.

Building on the work NDTi have previously done around exploring what works in supporting carers through the Care Act, this newly funded work will look to co-produce alongside carers, a quality framework.

Carers Journey

This quality framework will be used by both local authorities and carers so they can plan and assess the progress made in implementing the Carers Journey, meaning carers will have both the knowledge and access to the rights promised by the Care Act.

The impact of NDTi’s previous work around Carers cannot be underestimated. Marlene’s story highlights this:

‘I left my home in Croydon to come back to Yorkshire to look after my mum. I did this for 6 years and never realised I was a carer. 3 years ago, when I was getting to a crisis point I was put in touch with Carers’ Resource. They helped me realise I was a carer and recognised I needed a life too.’

We believe it is vital to build on this work, and working with carers, we will be creating a widely-used practical tool through which local authorities and carers can jointly decide how to implement personalised support.

We would really appreciate it if you could spare around 10 minutes to complete our survey. Your thoughts and views are really important in helping us produce our New ‘Carers Journey Quality Framework’. Please also share the survey link – we want to make sure we have heard from as many of you as possible!

Personalised support for carers under the Care Act gives carers the rights to their own support plans and personal budget if they are assessed as eligible. We are interested in the varied picture around the country about how this is being implemented and the impact on carers who need support. This is part of a project which is seeking to develop a quality audit based on the experiences and wishes of carers themselves.

This survey is aimed at anyone responsible for providing or delivering support services to Carers. We want to hear from commissioners, social workers working with carers, and carers organisations as well as anyone else who might be involved in doing carers assessments and support plans, or support relating to carers personal budgets. Carers stories are important to us too, and we will be gathering these at a later stage of the work, but please feel free to share contacts and stories in the survey if you know of people who would wish to do this.


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