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Launching the New Inclusion Web

Understanding and helping people live more inclusive lives beyond services.

Following the success of the first publication of this useful tool, Peter Bates has updated this invaluable set of resources to further help organisations plan and build lives for people that they support to enable them to increase participation in society.

The new toolkit was launched at an Inclusion Web training event earlier this month to very positive reviews from attendees which included housing support organisations.

As well as registering for a social exclusion training event, organisations can download the toolkit from the NDTI Website and use it to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the individual and the relationships and interests they have in their lives;
  • Help you to plan and build an included life full of positive roles and relationships in the wider community beyond the health and social care system;
  • See at a glance how things have changed, by repeating the exercise and comparing the charts;
  • Measure effectiveness over time.

Register for a Social Inclusion workshop:

NDTI will be running a series of Social Inclusion Workshops this year aimed at helping:

  • People who work in and manage services;
  • People who use services;
  • Family members;
  • Community organisers;
  • Leaders of community organisations.

The tools and thinking has been drawn primarily from our work alongside people with learning disabilities, mental health problems and older people but is equally relevant for everyone. Contact us for more information or if you need a bespoke event for your organisation.

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