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CLS Heroes: Jackie and Chris

Jackie Archer and Chris Talbot 01

The work of Jackie and Chris has been exceptional.  They are able to signpost but also provide information and advice.  They are the face of the community and have been able to build trusting relationships with people so that they are able to feel confident about receiving support or seeing a member of the social work team if required. 

They may be volunteers, but they are considered as much a part of the team as anyone else.  Throughout lockdown, Jackie carried out welfare calls to people who were isolated.  This included people with complex Mental health issues who would have required additional support had she not contacted them on a regular basis.  As Covid restrictions have lifted, Jackie has made visits to people in their own homes.  Now Talking Shops have restarted, Jackie and Chris actually run a Talking Shop independently - only signposting to a social worker or member of staff when an issue arises that they are unable to advise on.

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