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Blog: Supported Internships, Empowering Young People with Learning Disabilities.

Learning Disability Week is a special time when we celebrate, empower, and recognise the unique talents of young individuals who have learning disabilities. The Internships Work programme aims to create more supported internships opportunities for young people.

For young people and their families, supported internships opens a world of possibilities.

They offer personalised support, guidance, and resources to help them overcome challenges they may face when they start thinking about employment. Through supported internships, young individuals gain valuable skills, build confidence, and unlock their potential for paid work. This week, we celebrate their talents and abilities, which make our society diverse and vibrant.

Family engagement is a crucial part of the supported internships.

Parents play a vital role as advocates, providing invaluable support and guidance throughout their child's journey. They work together with professionals to ensure the best possible outcomes.

As we embrace Learning Disability Week, we should challenge misconceptions and remove barriers that hinder young people’s progress, fostering a society that values diversity and inclusion.

Supported internships empower young people by giving them the tools they need to thrive and succeed. With the right support and opportunities, their dreams are achievable, and they can reach their goals.

Through Internships Work, employers, Local Authorities, and job coaches receive training, support, and funding, so they can create more supported internships opportunities. Together, they work on building a future where everyone is accepted, included, valued, and given equal opportunities to contribute their unique talents to society.

If you want to learn more about supported internships, you can find information by clicking here.

Please contact your local authority and college if you are interested in doing a supported internship.

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