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Blog: Celebrating Local Authority Commissioners' efforts in developing SEND Employment Forums.

As we enter the second year of the Internships Work programme, Learning Disability Week is a momentous occasion to celebrate the progress made so far and recognise the incredible efforts of local authorities commissioners in creating inclusive opportunities through supported internships. While we reflect on the achievements, we also acknowledge that there is more work ahead of us.

Since the beginning of the programme, their unwavering dedication, passion, and strategic approach have laid the foundation for change. Last year marked the start of developing the SEND employment forums, which are still a work in progress. The collaboration and effort put into shaping these forums will soon bear fruit as new interns are set to start their supported internships in September.

While we celebrate the accomplishments to date, we are fully aware of the ongoing challenges. Doubling the provision of supported internships in England by 2025 is an ambitious goal, and it requires continued collaboration, innovation, and perseverance. We are here to support them every step of the way as we work towards achieving our shared objectives.

Learning Disability Week serves as a reminder of the transformative power of supported internships and the collective efforts required to create a more inclusive society. Their expertise in navigating the system, collaboration with stakeholders are instrumental in driving the progress we have seen so far.

As we continue to deliver the Internships Work programme, we remain committed to supporting them in their journey. The SEND employment forums, though still evolving, hold great promise for opening doors of opportunity for young individuals with learning disabilities. Together, we will build on the achievements, address the ongoing challenges, and create a future where all individuals have equal opportunities to succeed.

During this Learning Disability Week, we celebrate their dedication and look ahead with optimism. Together, we can shape a society where the potential of young people with learning disabilities is unleashed, where barriers are broken, and where every individual can thrive.

Learn more about the Internships Work programme here.

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