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Bethany's Story

During the advocacy conference this week we’ve been hearing a lot about how advocates can get their support right for autistic people and people with learning disabilities and mental health needs, including people currently staying within closed culture settings, assessment and treatment units and mental health settings.

A few weeks ago, Ann Memmott (autistic expert and NDTi Associate), Jez (Bethany’s Dad) along with other colleagues at NDTi shared Bethany’s story. This is a story that truly reflects the power of partnerships – in this case, partnerships with autistic experts, family and others. In this recording Jez and Ann Memmott share their experience on the importance and value of involving autistic people.

It is at times a difficult story to hear, but one which I think many advocates can learn from; it shows that people can live their best life when we really listen to people and understand what’s important to and for them.

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