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#LivesIncluded: Because Everybody Matters

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At NDTi we believe in people being included in our communities. Being supported to have choice on how and where they live, what relationships they have and what activities they do in their spare time.

This is at the heart of our #livesincluded campaign.

We aim to remind commissioners, policy makers and communities that many people are already living included lives in our communities. We know that the COVID19 crisis has had a dramatic effect on widening inequality in our society. People, who had previously enjoyed life in their communities have been labelled as “vulnerable”, emerging from lockdown worse off than they were before.

Through our work, we know many people are already successfully living included lives in their communities, but sometimes our services and supports make this difficult. It’s time to rethink some of our organisations and practices to learn from examples of what works.

We invite you to join us to

  • Follow and share our series of stories and discussions
    Listen to the voices of people with personal experience via #livesincluded Podcasts, videos and blogs.

  • Share your own story of what’s worked
    Join us as a guest on one of our podcasts or share your own story via social media using #livesincluded #Iamincluded
  • Share resources and evidence
    We will be sharing a series of discussions, briefings, and guides with evidence from practitioners and commissioners on what has worked for them to improve inclusion within communities.

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