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CLS Core Workshop: Strengths Based Reviews

Wednesday 24 August, 10.00-12.00 | This event is for Community Led Support (CLS) members only.

24 August

We know the importance of having a Good Conversation within the Community Led Support approach. Where the person is known to us, and either seeks an unplanned review, or as part of the planned cycle of seeing what’s working for them, it is essential that this approach is embedded. Failing to do so leads us into a practice that solely reviews the formal support element and not the whole person at that point in time; often leading to zero change or an increased change in formal support. Building on the Core CLS workshops of ‘Good Conversations’ and ‘Outcomes and Supports’ this workshop will explore what a strength based review should look like, what are the essential elements to ensure the review isn’t simply a task meeting Statutory duties and what needs to happen to achieve this.

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