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Still Radical Fest 2020

Monday 28th September – 2nd October 

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Still Radical Fest 2020

A week long series of online workshops, videos and conversations celebrating a Week of What’s Possible

Unexpected Community

Monday 28th September, 10am - 12 noon
Guest speaker Raj Singh 
During Lockdown, our communities did what they always do in a crisis - they used their ingenuity, skills, and natural assets to take care of one another. Some of the gems that appear as a result are often unexpected and can’t be planned for. However, what we can be, is ready to receive these community gifts and open to letting them flourish. In this session, we'll discuss how to recognise what ingredients are needed for good partnership and engagement for local authorities with communities who are, lets face it, the experts in your community’s infrastructure.


Shifting the Narrative

Monday 28th September, 2pm - 4pm
Hosted by Paul Marshall

“Everything that is done in the world is done with Hope” - Martin Luther King
We know there are amazing examples of changes happening right now that people can be part of and feel confident in their success, if only they could hear them. The deficit model of traditional communication, “this is wrong because…” successfully creates headlines that sell media, but falls short of engendering the hope or confidence in the future that will lead to long term change. Join us for a practical session where, in groups, we'll make a start on shifting the narrative on the headline issues affecting inclusion for 2021. This will be a practical session with breakout conversations.


Getting to Know You Session for New Associates

Monday 28th September  5pm - 6pm 

Hosted by Pauline Roberts and Ewa Woodward 
Grab yourself a cuppa or maybe a glass of wine and settle down with Pauline and Ewa for an informal Q&A session on “Everything you ever wanted to know about NDTi but were afraid to ask” – things you won’t find in the Associate Handbook.


The Only Way is Ethics

Tuesday 29th September at 10 am - 12 noon
Hosted by Anna Marriott and the Research Team 
A discussion on ethical approval and how we ensure all of our work is rooted in ethical principles, some of the complex situations we can face and the ways in which ethical governance can support with these. We will be using case studies to present you with some ethical challenges to discuss.


Rights, Relationships and Sexuality

Tuesday 29th September at 2 pm - 4pm
Hosted by Madeline Cooper-Ueki, with guest speakes Rachel Turner and members from My Life My Choice

People with learning disabilities and autistic people want the same opportunities as everyone else to have relationships, sex and be able to explore their gender and sexual orientation. Building on research by NDTi and My Life My Choice and the resulting Sexuality and Relationships Rights Charter, in this workshop will we explore what is all too often an ignored or taboo subject. We will be hearing from people with learning disabilities and autistic people about their experiences, and asking them what it will take to make these rights a reality. 


NDTI AGM - NDTi Members Only

30th September 10am - 12noon


Bethany’s story - Autistic experience supporting change

Thursday 1st October 10 am - 12 noon

Jez (Bethany’s Dad) and NDTi Associate Ann Memmott share their experience on the importance and value of involving autistic people. Hear about the support the NDTi team gave to Bethany and the difference this made.


Supporting Leaders into a Brave New World

Thursday 1 st October, 2 pm - 4pm
Hosted by Bill Love and Jacqui Sjenitzer 
Covid-19 has highlighted the need for health, social care and community leaders who bring vision, bravery, a belief in coproduction and an understanding of and respect for community. In this conversation we will share learning and ideas and explore how we can together inform, challenge and support leaders, from all levels and roles.


Inclusion from the Earliest Years 

Friday 2nd October, 10 am - 12 noon
Hosted by Julie Pointer and the Children and Young People Team
Evidence tells us that when children with additional needs are included from the earliest years they are more likely to grow up into a positive adult life. How can we ensure that the work that we do both supports inclusion and challenges where it isn’t happening so that our society – families, schools, colleges, community, the work place – reflects the rich and diverse communities that make up our world

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