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The need for a bespoke solution

Small, local, bespoke, and person-centred support solutions for people in secure, forensic, and mental health in-patient units

An invitation to learn more about the work of Small Supports organisations in the provision of support to people of all ages currently placed or at risk of being placed in secure, forensic, or mental health in-patient institutions on Thursday, 7 March 12-13.30, online via Teams.

On Wednesday 31st January NHS England hosted a workshop bringing together a number of representatives from across national and governmental organisations and departments, the event was over-subscribed and also a number of people were unable to attend. This online event is for those and others who want to know more about the work of the NDTi Small Supports programme and discuss the need for a ‘bespoke solution'.

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People’s lives and support needs rarely (if ever) fit neatly in the support offered defined by diagnosis or support need. The system within which we all work means numerous partners have differing responsibilities and accountabilities, and hence the need to differentiate support not by ‘what is needed / what works’, but by fitting people in services that do not fit and are likely to fail.

This meeting provides an opportunity to think as a combined group of national stakeholders about some of the day-to-day challenges in providing the support needed, at the right time, and the challenges within a system where there are so many local and national statutory and non-statutory organisations.

Doreen Kelly (Beyond Limits), Dave Barras (Positive Support for You), Helen Toker-Lester and Fiona Ritchie will be sharing their experiences, stories of supporting different people and what they have learnt about the need for a bespoke approach to supporting people with such complicated lives and support needs.

If you have any queries or would like further information please email Nic Crosby –, Programme Delivery Lead, NDTi.

For further information about Small Supports please visit our webpage

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