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Beyond Covid - Rebuilding community connections

A series of 2 hour workshops for people that run or commission day services, activity supports or community provision for older people

Day services campaign

May 4th, 5th, 6th, 10th, 11th and 13th

COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdowns has changed many older people’s daily routines, the care and support they receive and their ability to stay socially connected to the communities around them.

We know that older people can and do play multiple roles in society, including as caregivers, volunteers, and community leaders. We also know that in the best of times these important contributions are often overlooked and forgotten especially when people are perceived as in need of care and support.

Services and community organisations have a vital role to play in rebuilding communities and social connections after covid19 and lockdown.

This webinar series focusses on how we can enable older people to reconnect, re-engage, and contribute once more to the communities around them. Over the course of this 6-part series, we invite experts from different roles in health, care, and community to explore together with participants:

  • How do we reopen, or restart provision in a way that older people can be in the driving seat?
  • How do we support people to take steps out of their homes as lockdown ends and communities, venues and events reopen?
  • How can we change perceptions of older people and their role in society?

Our topics will include:

  1. Relationships and wellbeing - building wellbeing services that enhance relationships and connections (with flourishing lives)
  2. The skills and characteristics of services that generate real inclusion
  3. Building community partnerships- who and how to connect with organisations and groups beyond your services to mutually benefit older people and local communities (with Paxton Green Timebank)
  4. Older people led local strategies (Age UK Wirral and Bradford)
  5. Individual gifts and strengths – working with older people to identify and use their strengths in communities, services and beyond
  6. From Theory to Reality - putting change into practice together
  7. This webinar series will be of interest to anyone supporting older or disabled people in day services, activity services, housing, care or community roles.

If you’re interested in reducing social isolation, improving the quality of relationships and connections that older people have, do join us by completing the application form below.


The cost is £700 + VAT per organisation (this might be a provider or a local authority) which secures 5 places on each of the webinars.

Please complete the online booking form and we will confirm as soon as we can whether you have secured a place for your organisation.

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