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Rage Against the Commissioning Machine

8th/9th/10th June 2021

Unlock the true potential of commissioning…

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This 3 day online event questions the complexity of the places and systems we live and work in and queries its merit when supporting and enabling people to live good community lives.

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During the event we’ll provide tools and insights into the impact of commissioning decisions and the difference these can make to our communities. Real life examples that demonstrate the Art of the Possible.

  • Day One: explores the reasons why commissioning needs to form part of the wider Community Led Support Programme as we hear from experts with a range of experiences across the UK.
  • Day Two: challenges our use of Human Rights law and asks questions about the economic value of using public money to support the communities and places we live in.
  • Day Three: Cuts through the complexities and offers better ways of using data and procurement to achieve the Art of the Possible and ask providers who have achieved change to ‘tell it like it is’.

A full breakdown of the programme is available here

It is time to rage against the commissioning machine.

People think commissioning has to be as it is; that it can't change or that it's too difficult. However, we believe its possible to have a transformed relationship with communities, people and providers based on trust and collaboration.

During Covid we have witnessed the power of communities and the merit of trust. Care staff have shown amazing commitment and dedication to do the right thing and go the extra mile to support those they care for. Practitioners have been able to make decisions without recourse to lengthy bureaucratic oversight but have been liberated to do their job and have shown they do it well. Partnerships and relationships have been strengthened and now is the time to seize this chance to not revert back to old systems and re-erect the walls that divide those working hard to do the right thing. This event celebrates the possible and sets out how to put lasting change in place and what is required to do so.

Who should attend:

This event is aimed at people involved in commissioning care and support including; local authority lawyers, finance procurement and commissioning teams, those providing care and support, community organisations, third sector and people/families with lived experience who want to be supported to have ordinary/good lives.


£900 per organisation for 5 places.

We welcome those from non-statutory organisations and people with lived experience of using services. In these cases the cost will be £40 per place (to Small and Medium Enterprises with under 250 employees) and free to people with lived experience.


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