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Preparing for Adulthood Network Meeting - South West

This network meeting will focus on the theme of mental health and children and young people with SEND.

This will cover;

  • benefits of digital access to healthcare (Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group)
  • ways to meet the mental health needs of young people with SEND (Livewell, Plymouth)
  • tools to help build resilience in staff and young people (NDTi)
  • preventative work in schools (Gloucestershire)
  • Intensive positive behaviour support in South Gloucestershire

Speakers will include Carol Robinson, Regional Facilitator for Preparing for Adulthood in the South West and West Midlands, Julie Hill, Digital Programme Officer for Somerset, Alice McColl, Children and Young People’s Development Lead for NDTi, Helen Ford, Integrated Care System Programme Lead for Future in Mind, Heather Rogers of Livewell, Plymouth, and Imogen Clarke of South Gloucestershire.

If you would like to book on to the event, please visit