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Next Generation Leadership Programme Module 2

6th September 2018 at MacDonald Burlington Hotel, Birmingham

All participants on the Next Generation Leadership Programme should have received registration information. If you have any questions, please contact Pauline Roberts on 01225 789135 or [email protected]

Please note, the detail of this may change in response to the availability of guest presenters and also to meet the wishes and needs of participants – but the essential framework and issues to be addressed will be as outlined here.

Module 2

Expert sessions from the menu of options:

Participants get to choose from two of:

  • Partnership with the self-advocacy/user movement and with families in ways that get beyond the usual rhetoric
  • Community inclusion, getting beyond traditional services to promote people’s place as equal and valued members of their local community.  
  • Employment, how to implement evidence-based employment supports
  • Self-directed support – what really is personalisation and how to turn it into a reality
  • Housing and support – what is the evidence on different housing models and how can we ensure services are what they claim to be
  • Individualised support for people with complex needs, being person-centred and avoiding institutional solutions
  • Preparing for adulthood (transition), getting a life not a service as young people enter adulthood
  • Effective healthcare – equality of access to the NHS, the evidence and practice
  • Joint commissioning and integrated working – what it is and how to develop effective inter-agency working


For more information contact Pauline Roberts by:

Email: Pauline Roberts
Tel: 01225 789 135