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A review of advocacy - Interactive webinar for people and families

Monday 11th March 2024 10:00-14:00

What will I get from the webinar?

  • A full run down of the evidence and recommendations from the report.
  • Hear from self-advocates and carers about the difference advocacy can
  • Find out how your feedback contributed to the report.
  • Build knowledge and skills to self-advocate or advocate for a family member

There are additional webinars coming up for commissioners, people and families.

Register here for free online webinar for people and families 11 March, 10am-2pm

About the report
In 2022 NHS England commissioned us to review advocacy support for people with learning disabilities and autistic people who are inpatients in mental health settings. The report was published in October 2023. Whilst the review highlighted positive examples of advocacy, it also found evidence of widespread, multifactoral issues and challenges.

Read the report here

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