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What does it take to be the perfect advocate?

For Advocacy Awareness Week 2023, Vocal Advocacy asked their members what it takes to be the perfect advocate.

Vocal Advocacy members
Vocal Advocacy members come together to discuss what makes the perfect advocate. Four people pictured smiling with a large piece of paper.

Some of their highlights:

  • Someone who is supportive and stands up for my rights, being able to speak up for me.
  • They need to understand people with learning disabilities, but also understand people generally.
  • Explains what they're doing and gets consent before the next step.
  • An advocate shouldn't rush into what they think I will say, or guess, or step in.
  • They need to know about safeguarding and raise it with the right people.

Vocal Advocacy supports adults with communication difficulties in Devon. Read what their members said about what makes a perfect advocate.

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