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Model City London - the Final Evaluation Report

MCL Final Evaluation Learning Report June 2021 FINAL Page 001

When Model City London (MCL) was first launched in three London boroughs (Hounslow, Haringey and Barking) in late 2018, it was seen as an exciting concept and opportunity for bottom up, place-based Sport for Development opportunities that could harness the talents of local communities to address their priorities for change. It has excited and energised people and partners at all levels ever since, uniting a diverse range of players around a shared vision for change through sport and physical activity.

Whilst the initial pilot period of the MCL programme (2019-2021) has come to an end, the work of the three local Coalitions in Barking, Hounslow and Haringey continues – a testimony to the successes and endeavours of local partners and groups to collaborate, create opportunities and deliver sports and physical activities to a wide range of people through an incredibly difficult time over the last 18 months.

We are delighted to share the highlights, stories, examples of impact in this final evaluation report. Some of the key insights and findings are shared in the Facts and Figures section below.

  • Facts and figures

  • Main areas where participants benefited

  • Four key messages

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