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Laureus Sport for Good Cities - First Global Evidence & Learning report

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Building on successes in the USA and the UK (London), Laureus Sport for Good Foundation and its country specific partners have brought the Model City programme (now known as Sport for Good Cities) to Paris and Delhi. In Spring 2019, NDTi was commissioned to provide evaluation and learning support to the Sport for Good Global Programme with a focus on enabling the delivery of evidence of social impacts and learning about what works to inform ongoing developments of these community led approaches.

This paper is the first global evidence and learning report. It shares the story of the inception and set up of new Sport for Good locations in Paris and New Delhi between Autumn 2019 and May 2021, reflecting on contextual differences, common themes as well as important features in introducing the concept and approach, building Coalitions and developing a shared vision for change in each area. It also brings in learning from Sport for Good London which has now ended its initial pilot period, final evaluation report can be read here.

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