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Model City London Evaluation

Building A Vision for Change for Model City London

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Model City London is a new approach to working with 3 London communities to identify the issues they want to address to improve the wellbeing of local people and their neighbourhood, through sport and physical activity. It’s an inspiring and ambitious programme for change, with lots of great things happening, and planned to happen between October ‘19 and February ‘21. The 3 London communities are Belfont, Feltham & Hanworth in Hounslow; Haringey (East); and Barking.

In each area, a range of people, including young people, have come together to explore these issues with Laureus, their evaluation partner NDTi (the National Development Team for Inclusion,, Nike and the GLA (Greater London Authority). Working together through a steering group, each area has developed their local vision and priorities for change (or “outcomes”). People have also said they want to be involved in finding out if these things are happening and what’s different for local people as a result; and in sharing the learning about what works and what doesn’t work in making these changes happen across the 3 areas.

Over the last few months, we have used an approach called “Building A Vision for Change” which brings people together to:

  • develop a deep and shared understanding of the issues local people are grappling with
  • identify what change is needed, for whom, and why those changes matter
  • think about the best ways of achieving these changes
  • suggest ways of knowing what change has been brought about
  • explore ways of learning about how those changes happen so more developments like this can happen in other places.

As a result of all these conversations, we have a Vision & Outcomes Map for each of the 3 areas and an overarching framework for change across the 3 areas (A Vision for Model City London).

It has been an amazing, collaborative process with committed and enthusiastic people – and it doesn’t end here! Each Vision & Outcomes Map will be used between now and February ‘21 to find out what we are learning about what’s changing for people and how. Along the way we will also learn about other things that happen that we didn’t envisage or plan for from the start. So, these maps will evolve over time; they are not set in stone and can be used to help guide local developments as well as find out what’s changing for local people.

As a first step, we'll be working together over the Summer to complete a graphic summary of each Vision & Outcomes map (see below), including what change we can expect to see by when. This will help us all to keep track of these changes as they happen.

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