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Making reasonable adjustments to dentistry services for people with learning disabilities.

Useful Tools and Information Good oral health can promote better communication and nutrition, and improve self-esteem and confidence, whereas poor oral health, in addition to detrimental effects on the above, can lead to pain…

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Making reasonable adjustments to cancer screening

Useful Tools and Information People with learning disabilities have significantly higher rates of mortality and morbidity than their non-disabled peers.4-6 Whilst the incidence of deaths from most cancers in the UK among people…

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Working for Inclusion

Useful Tools and Information Making social inclusion a reality for people with severe mental mealth problems.

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Hygiene and Grooming

Useful Tools and Information When people neglect their personal hygiene, there can be serious consequences for health and social inclusion.

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Managing Risk in a Risk Averse Society

Useful Tools and Information Peter Bates (NDTi) and Mark Lymbery (University of Nottingham) wrote this book chapter for Early Professional Development for Social Workers, edited by Raymond Taylor, Malcolm Hill and Fergus McNeill and…

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British Journal of Wellbeing - Living on Triangle Island

Useful Tools and Information A short series of articles is currently being published in the British Journal of Wellbeing that reflect on the relationship between service-centred, person-centred and community-focused approaches.

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With Inclusion in Mind

Useful Tools and Information The Scottish Government commissioned this guidance for local authorities in 2007.

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Individualised Funding and / or Support Brokerage

Useful Tools and Information We offer an archive of documents about individualised funding and/or support brokerage. These include papers from the NDTi and NDT, plus other (and older) documents that are relevant to…

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Personalisation and Older People’s Housing IGP Project Fieldwork Phase Report

Useful Tools and Information We have recently produced the attached report on fieldwork carried out as part of a project with Housing 21 which explored older people's preferences for personalised housing support, including individual…

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Social Work and Mental Health - The Value of Everything

Useful Tools and Information Social Work and Mental Health - The Value of Everything, by Peter Gilbert with Peter Bates, Sarah Carr, Michael Clark, Nick Gould and Greg Slay.

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