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The Use of Personal Budgets for Employment Support

This report highlights to what extent are people using Personal Budgets (PBs) to purchase support into paid work and the factors that encourage and discourage the use of PBs to help people gain or retain a job.

There are mixed views about whether PBs should be used for employment support. This report shows that where PBs are being used for employment support there are positive stories about how they have enabled employment outcomes for people. This report also shows ways in which PBs have been implemented locally such that they make no difference to employment outcomes and/or create additional bureaucracy.

The report draws together data and information from three key sources:

1. Data from commissioners obtained through NDTi’s original employment support study

2. Data collected through a specific provider survey regarding the use of adult social care Personal Budgets

3. Site visits and interviews with a sample of adult social care Personal Budget users, their families, the employment support providers, local commissioners and social care staff who have worked with personal budget holders.

Along with a number of recommendations for relevant levels of stakeholders, the report outlines our core recommendation that there should be supported employment provision universally available and accessible for everyone in a local area. This should be the right model of employment support and should exist within the right local approach.

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